The IAOB has issued a report of the top ten major an minor findings by third party auditors.  If you understand and address these issues in the transition the less likely you will have a major or minor finding.

Here is the list...

Courtesy – IAOB (International Automotive Oversight Bureau)

Through August 2017, IAOB has released to IATF registrars a complete list of the top 10 IATF 16949 major and minor findings by third-party auditors:

Major Findings:

1. 7.2.3 Internal auditor competency
2. Total productive maintenance
3. Contingency plans
4. 10.2.1 (ISO) Nonconformity and corrective action
5. 6.1.21 Risk analysis
6. 10.2.3 Problem solving
7. 4.3.2 Customer-specific requirements
8. 8.5.1 (ISO) Control of production and service provision
9. Product safety
10. Management review inputs – supplemental

Minor Findings:

1. Total productive maintenance
2. Control plan
3. 8.5.1 (ISO) Control of production and service provision
4. Contingency plans
5. Manufacturing design process output
6. Special characteristics
7. Standardized work – operator instructions and visual standards
8. Measurement systems analysis
9. Verification of job set-ups
10. 7.2.3 Internal auditor competency